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December 20, 2018

Carefree and in love, this Bride had me at barefoot. Barefoot in Greece, with her Groom and dozens of loved ones. Does it get any better than that? While Anna Roussos' images of this celebration captivated me, I proceeded to be wowed by the film from Vasilis Kantarakis Films, which provides proof that this was one ridiculously good wedding. Take a few minutes to be a virtual guest at this Cycladic Gem Luxury Villa ceremony followed by a reception at the Ios Club , you won't regret it.

From MAZI Events... Daniel was looking...

January 9, 2018

Ios, dans les Cyclades en Grèce ou ma terre d'accueil chaque été, depuis mon plus jeune âge... C'est une histoire de famille, qui remonte à mes grands-parents. Ma famille et moi vouons un amour incommensurable pour cette petite île des Cyclades Grecques. Et pour la première fois, à force de vous parler de de ce lieu magique, nous nous sommes dit avec Diego mon frère, nos potes, et Matthieu, mon copain à la réalisation, qu'il fallait que l'on réalise une vidéo à la hauteur de la beauté de cet endroit.

En espérant que ces quelques min...

Soooo, is this the world’s most Instagrammable cake or what!? Can’t go wrong with bougainvillea + Grecian vibes, that’s for sure. As show-stopping as the bright pops of color in this editorial Anna Roussos captured at Ios Club in Greece is, the 

MBW Events team were actually all about channeling that fresh, minimal, and spontaneous elopement style straight out of Greek folk art. Prepare to get inspired by your new fave muse, Cakies...

Our bride’s beachy two-piece gown is by Greek designer Mairi Mparola.

Boho goddess, much?


August 29, 2017

IOS (Cicladi, Grecia)

Negli Anni Sessanta era l’isola greca scelta dagli hippy, forse per il carattere brullo e scontroso. Uno di quei luoghi che, come avviene in genere con le persone, o ti conquistano o te ne allontani. A distanza di decenni, Ios, chiamata anche Nio dai suoi abitanti odierni, ha attratto generazioni differenti a seconda del vento. Dopo anni di puro divertimento della “new generation”, il vento è cambiato e l’isola sta svelando, come mai fatto prima, il suo lato elegante, rilassante e cool. Ios è quella parte di...

Ios: Party in the Cyclades

For those seeking lively summer fun, Ios is undoubtedly the place to be. Commence with bar-hopping at the Ios Club, the historic sunset bar which opened first opened its doors in 1967. Watch the sunset and try signature cocktails based on Greek herbs (like the Ithaca-Odyssey, with aged tequila, lavender liqueur and fresh lime juice). Then wander round the narrow streets of Chora where you’ll find numerous options for drinks and dancing ’til dawn.

Ios, of course, is more than just its parties. Choose fro...

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Grecian Folklore Inspired Table by the Sea

January 23, 2018

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