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Destination Wedding Blue Moon – The Isle

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Situated, it would seem, on the edge of the world – where granite rocks dip into the azure depths of the sea and the sun relaxes into a buttery plume of white velvet cloud – the couple Saoirse and Enzo elegantly tied the knot inspired by the song, Blue Moon. Golden rays of light danced across the bright white façade of their Ios island hideaway, while champagne glittered, roses bloomed amongst clouds of delicate Gypsophila and organic details reigned… 

Saoirse and Enzo exchanged vows on the Greek island of Ios, at the idyllically perched Ios Club. “Indulging in chilled signature cocktails and bespoke aperitivo, certain to evoke the most unforgettable experience,” explains their photographer Panos Demiropoulos, it was here the couple wed. Inspired by “their favourite “this is us” tune for inspiration, which was no other than “Blue Moon” sung by Robert De Niro in New York, New York” and “with summer on the horizon, they decided to make their jetting off to the Greek islands dream a reality, so anything big-apple as a foundation for their concept was out of the question,” says Panos. 

The couples wedding planners, The Isle were at the heart of this jet-setting decision, after consulting them on the best destination to view a blue super moon. “Georgie suggested a magical perch upon the hills, Ios Club, which seemed to tick all the right boxes for Saoirse and Enzo. Add jaw-dropping views, minimalist aesthetics, a private space, and tons of romantic ambiance,” explains Panos. 

With this inspiration in mind, The Isle were key to the curation of the couple’s free-spirited destination wedding concept. Creating “a floral nod to their song, with Twice in a Blue Moon roses, heavily scented, classically shaped blooms whose silver lilac tint with hints of blue was perfectly bound with elegant barefoot luxury accents and organic details,” says Panos Demiropoulos, The Isle’s signature touch and applaudable skill transformed this unique wedding into something out of a dream – the ambience exquisite – and the details…heavenly.

The Vendors

Creative Direction: The Isle

Styling & Flowers: The Isle

Venue: Ios Club

Stationery: Valencia

Candles and fabric: The Isle

Cake : Elsie for The Isle

Hair and Make-up: Flo.Zik

Bridal gown: Votsalo Ios Island

Jewellery: Theros Jeweller

Groom & His Men: Innioranza



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