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Unique venues to say I do in Greece

by kiss FROM fleur

Are you looking for a place with a rich tradition for the one, historic moment in your life, your dream wedding?

Then I have the perfect destination for you. Greece. A place full of cultural treasures to discover. A place with a rich architectural heritage. A place with ancient buildings on one side and untouched nature on the other.

Greece offers perfect wedding locations, amidst picturesque forests, emerald green citrus groves or silver glittering olive seas. Thus, Greece is definitely your place that fulfills all your items on your wish list for a perfect destination wedding.

In my guide of the unique venues to say I do in Greece, I have selected my insider spots that will combine your wedding with an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones.

From big city flair to sophisticated Athens Riviera and picturesque Greek islands, Greece is a popular wedding destination for many good reasons. Steeped in history, the country is a true cultural treasure trove.

At the same time, the hedonistic mentality makes it possible to celebrate exuberant parties by the sea or in the big city. This definitely makes Greece a worthwhile experience as a venue to host your luxurious as well as unique wedding.

- Insider-Tipps: Unique venues to say I do in Greece-

Hot, hotter, Athens Riviera! Greece has more to offer than just the big city flair of Athens. Do as the Athenians do and head to the cosmopolitan coast. The Athens Riviera is the start of a 35-mile stretch of coastline. This is the hotspot with romantic bays, exclusive beaches and nightclubs, not to mention picturesque fishing ports. Want some romantic island charm? No problem! If you are drawn to a particularly idyllic island with postcard flair, then my island tips are just right for you. From Ios to Rhodes to Santorini - in my guide for your unique venues to say I do in Greece you will find your unforgettable and incomparable paradise. As a passionate wedding stylist, I have been organizing extraordinary weddings in spectacular locations for several years. My name is Anna-Jill and I show you my unique venues to say I do in Greece. Follow me and let’s start your wedding planning process, firstly by finding you a perfect extraordinary venue for your unique wedding in Greece!


Definitely an island not to be missed on my list of unique venues to say I do in Greece is Ios: Ios is the place for exhilarating and never-ending parties right in the heart of the Aegean Sea. If you want to dance the nights away and start the mornings comfortably, you can watch the day awaken, enjoy a coffee while looking over historical ruins. Also worthwhile is a visit to Homer's tomb or a walk up centuries-old cobblestones to Palaiokastro Castle. Already noticed? Ios has two sides: a light one and a dark one - Ios by day and by night. If you're more of a night owl, I have the perfect wedding venue for your unforgettable destination wedding: the Ios Club. For nearly half a century, the classic was a go-to spot for vacationers of the '70s and '80s, including celebrities, artists and writers who sought authentic character, cubist simplicity and unbeatable sunset views. Even today, the myth of those days lives on and the Ios Club attracts celebrities from all over the world. After all, it is a place that plays with extremes with ease: After hours, the bar turned into a disco where wild parties took place like nowhere else on the island.


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